Deepfake Election Interference in Slovokia

Deepfake Election Interference in Slovokia

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Well designed and well timed deepfake or two Slovokian politicians discussing how to rig the election:

Šimečka and Denník N immediately denounced the audio as fake. The fact-checking department of news agency AFP said the audio showed signs of being manipulated using AI. But the recording was posted during a 48-hour moratorium ahead of the polls opening, during which media outlets and politicians are supposed to stay silent. That meant, under Slovakia’s election rules, the post was difficult to widely debunk. And, because the post was audio, it exploited a loophole in Meta’s manipulated-media policy, which dictates only faked videos—­where a person has been edited to say words they never said­—go against its rules.

I just wrote about this. Countries like Russia and China tend to test their attacks out on smaller countries before unleashing them on larger ones. Consider this a preview to their actions in the US next year.

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